Fall 2020

Founders Investment Society hosted its inaugural trading competition in the Fall of 2020. This competition was focused on US-traded equities with certain parameters, and participants traded a paper portfolio over a period of time, providing qualitative feedback on their strategies. 

In total, 23 participants from around the world took part in the inaugural competition. Three participants are now contributing at FIS and XMonetae Capital.  

The FIS Trading Competition

FIS info sheet.png
"The competition happened to coincide with a turbulent time in the market. It started right at the peak in October and trended down until the election, which saw lots of volatility in all corners of the market. This caused the lead to change hands few times as the participants' trading strategies were tested, and while it was a real trial by fire to trade in a down-trending market, it was a great learning experience!"
- Dragos Cocosila